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In the 1860's Victorian tea trader Frederick Horniman began collecting specimens and artefacts from around the Globe with the express intention of bringing the World to Forest Hill.

To that end, in 1890, he began opening his house to the public three times a week.

In 1898 his house was demolished and Charles Harrison Townsend constructed a new museum in the Art Nouveau style.

The new museum opened in 1901 and was granted as a free gift to the people of London for their recreation and their enjoyment forevermore.

The museum is still thriving and makes for a wonderful outing.

Visitors may also have the opportunity of making the acquaintance of the ghostly man and woman that haunt the terrace at the rear of the museum, to the side of the conservatory.

Who they are, no-one knows for certain, although there is general consensus from witnesses that their dress sense is of the 1920?s.

The man's hair is heavily greased back and the woman's most notable feature is the bright red dress that she wears.

They appear to be enjoying some long ago garden party or ball, for those who encounter them are most emphatic that they are dancing across the terrace, although no music is ever heard.

After a few moments, the waltzing wraiths spin their way into the trees and are gone!