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The haunted church of St Bartholomew that we visit on the Friday night London Ghost Walk

The walk takes place on selected Fridays at 7pm

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This truly atmospheric haunted London walk explores the hidden and ghostly places of the city as darkness falls.

It begins in an atmospheric little graveyard where you will stand alongside an ancient tomb as Richard sets the mood for the ghost walk ahead.

St Bartholomews Hospital Gate By Night, a stop on the haunted London walk.

Introductions over, Richard will tell you the story of the "She Wolf of France" and how her flickering shade has been seen drifting amongst the tombstones of the very graveyard in which you are standing.

Having pondered the mysteries of this spectral place, the Haunted London walk will move on to a magnificent old church, the bell of which once rang out to signal the commencement of public executions in the square opposite.

You will hear how, in the early 1600's, a nobleman threw himself to his death from the church's tower and, in so doing, set in motion a family curse that the passage of over 400 years has proved unable to lay.


Our next destination is a building that has gained the enviable/unenviable reputation for being the most haunted pub in the city of London. Although we don't actually go inside it, Richard will explain how he has been collecting ghost stories about this particular pub for the last 39 years, and he will give you a whistle stop run down of the ghostly goings on at this spooky location.

From here our Haunted London walk makes its way via an old watch house that was built to protect the occupants of the graves beyond its gates from the nefarious activities of the body snatchers.

One of the haunted streets that the Friday night tour explores.

Having pondered this gruesome piece of London history, we make our way to the spot where the Great Fire of London burnt itself out in 1666.

Here we gaze upon a curious monument that commemorates that long ago catastrophe.

It stands on the corner of the street where London's most infamous haunting occurred.

Indeed, so famous had this story become by the 19th century that Charles Dickens himself saw fit to mention it in A Tale of Two Cities.

You will make you way to the exact spot on which the strange events of this particular haunting occurred in the 18th century and Richard will act out the full story for you.


Having been chilled to the marrow with these macabre tales, the haunted London walk will move on via some of London's most atmospheric back streets to uncover thoroughfares that have changed little in over a hundred years.

Places where long dead citizens are still known to put in the occasional appearance and where you can sense the eyes of former residents watching your every move.

These backstreets will bring you London's oldest hospital to hear of the many ghosts that have, over the years, appeared both within and without its history drenched walls.

Chief amongst the unusual and inexpiable happenings is the story of the haunted elevator that has been known to chill the marrow of many a doctor and nurse working the graveyard shift.


The memorial at the spot where Sir William Wallace was executed.

Onwards and forwards, and we find ourselves standing upon the execution ground where Sir William Wallace - Braveheart himself - was so horrifically put to death in 1305.

But he wasn't the only poor soul to face the baying mob at this place of ancient bloodshed.

Indeed, this sombre spot has borne witness to hundreds of similar executions the ramifications of which echo down the centuries in the form of anguished and agonised screams that send shivers down the spines of those late night wanderers who have the misfortune to hear them.


Then it's time to enter a tumbledown churchyard where a lone monk keeps his weary vigil amidst crumbling weatherworn tombstones.

The priory church of St Bartholomew the Great, haunt of the phantom monk.

Whose is the hooded face that has been known to look down on the group from a tiny window pane, besmirched by time?

Why does the church's founder feel it necessary to brush silently past surprised visitors?

What long ago act of infamy lies behind the ghostly moans that sometimes sound out from the bushes in one of the churchyards darkest corners?

Who lies beneath the mossy gravestone around which strange lights are seen to dance from time to time?

All of these questions will be answered during your time here.


The final section of the ghost walk is a true journey back in time during which you will wander amidst the ruins of Roman London.

One of the old ruins we visit.

Here, the crumbling stone walls are the spectral haunt of a long ago Legionnaire who shows a noble determination to guard this outpost of the empire, despite the fact his comrades departed these shores over 1600 years ago.

There is also the sinister bulk of a 17th century plague mound to contend with, where you will hear tales of the horrors of the Great Plague that swept London in 1665. This is a truly creepy spot, made even creepier by the tombstones that cling tenaciously to its overgrown summit.

You will then squeeze in to a dark, dark corner where Richard will regale you with his favourite London Ghost Story.

He has been chilling audiences with this story for 33 years and has thus had plenty of time to perfect it.

You will enjoy the art of ghost story telling at its marrow chilling best as Richard elicits cold shivers, nervous glances and even screams of terror from various members of the group.

He even manages to inject a goodly amount of humour into the story.


So join London's doyen of the darkness for a walk that is packed with history and hauntings.

A tour that will keep you on edge, casting nervous backward glances, ever wary of who, or what, might be shadowing your footsteps on the hidden horrors of Haunted London walk.

The walk takes place on selected Fridays at 7pm

Extra Halloween Walk Monday 30th October 2017 at 7pm

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