The Original Haunted London Classic

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Wallking Haunted London will take you on a series of 25 exicting walks around some of the capital's most haunted places where you will uncover legendary and sinister places as will as the many places where ghosts have been seen.

The book cover for Richard Jones's Walking Haunted London.
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As well as introducing the reader to the ghosts that haunt London's well known landmarks - such as the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace Walking Haunted London will also enable you to enjoy a series of tours that will take you to some of London's lesser known places such as Haunted Highgate and Chilling Chiswick.

Walking Haunted London is lavishly iullustrated with full-colour photographs that help set the mood, whilst the step by step instructions and the extremely detailed maps will help you find your way around each of the routes.

With walks around Jack the Ripper's London, the wilds of Hampstead Heath, Royal St James's and Mayfair, to name but a few, the book is an indispensable guide to the lore, legends and ghosts of london.


True British Ghost Stories

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Richard followed the success of Walking Haunted London by spreading his spectral net a lot further and venturing to some of the most Haunted places in Britain and Ireland.

The research for this international bestseller took him to every corner, nook and cranny of what has been referred to as "this spectred Isle," and the many of the stories he collected appeared in this book for the first time.

Indeed, such was its influence that it was actually used as the main reference book for Living TV's cult show Most Haunted, and it has been the basis for many of the recent television documentaries on Haunted Britain.

The atmospherically written stories are backed up by a whole raft of photographs that really do evoke the true ambience of Haunted Britain and Ireland.

Ghostly kings, fickle lovers and night time horrors abound, as do haunted houses, ghostly castles and even hotels at which you can enjoy a decent night's unrest!

A must for anyone interested in true ghost stories.


Travel Back To The Autumn Of Terror

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Richard is one of London's leading authorities on the Jack the Ripper murders of 1888 and in this book Uncovering Jack the Ripper's London he takes the reader on a journey through the twelve weeks in 1888 when the Jack the Ripper murders terrorised the streets of London's East End.

The book looks at the social conditions in the area at the time of the murders and paints an evocative and gritty image of what it was like to live in Whitechapel in 1888.

It then goes on to look at murderous attacks in the area that took place early on in 1888 and which may well have been the early work of the killer who later became known as Jack the Ripper.

Richard tells how the murders began and then reveals how, egged on by lurid speculation in the worldwide press, they gained a momentum of their own, a momentum that transformed five sordid East End killings into an international phenomenon.

The book is lavishly illustrated with photographs, many of which show the area as it was at the time of the murders, and several of which, specially commissioned for the book, show the streets as they are today.

The photography was provided by former Metropolitan Police Officer Sean East who was able to gain access to locations and archives that are generally out of bounds.

In short, this book is a travelogue through the long ago autumn of 1888.